Sunday, October 28, 2012

Autumn Emerald

 Knit top: Vivienne Westwood Red Label (old)
Scarf: H&M (2011 collection)
 Leather Brougue Pumps: Dorndorf (old)

I had travelled with train and road trip, walked and hiked till my winter boots had hole on the bottom! I started the Autumn in Germany and continued to Austria to see the leaves turned to red, yellow and orange while some of them were staying green. I love autumn colors since I only could see it in books and TV before I moved to Europe.It's definitely my fave season. However, the snow has been down early this year.  

I've been loving dark deep and rich colors since a little girl, especially deep green. Well, i like pink too :). I remembered a zodiac article in news paper that my dad cut for me. It said that my color was deep green like emerald. What do you think i wore this color again? Does it fit me?


  1. This outfit is so cute - love it! xx

  2. Great outfit, I adore that plaid scarf!

    - Monica
    Caravan of Style

  3. love these pics!!


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