Sunday, June 17, 2012

Flexible Outfit Mix - Hoss Intropia Sweepstakes

I just discovered Hoss Intropia shop when I visited Bloglovin' and saw the sweepstake they have together in collaboration. You could win the 5 items outfit you choose. I was interested to participate honestly because of the word "intropia" and pic of its ad banner seemed to be one rhythm with my personal sense. So I headed to the shop and I was right! I was at first impressed by the description of "intropia" about dream coming true and woman personality and right away i had been browsing to their products. They have beautiful pieces with special details like embroidery, playing with cut or silhouettes, strong statement for your look.

Here take a look at 5 items I have picked, but..before..let me explain to you that my concept is items to be flexibly combined for varies event or activities. From hangout in the day to evening formal party. I mix special and basic elements, different fabrics like lace, silk, embroidery, denim,  leather, shiny, and matte, watercolor and neutral colors.  Oh I love to play with them, such fun!

Embroidered Lace Tunic in Aloe color here
Boxy fit biker jacket in nude color here
Skinny Jeans in White Color here
Glitter Ankle Boot here
Crystal Embellished Design Headband here

  1. The dress is something special, elegant, silk and lace, that you can wear for dressy event like a wedding party for example. It consists of 3 pieces. I thought that I could wear only the inner dress for more simple look and casual. I can use the belt also as a scarf on my neck or bag. I imagine walking under the subtle sunlight shining trough the lace fabric that blow lightly by wind.
  2. Boxy biker jacket for chilly breeze. My idea is playing layers with texture and length. Let the embroidered lace flair out from the front opening and bottom of the jacket's sleeves, maybe open the sleeves zippers. Or just keep the lace rope for evening party. 
  3. White skinny jeans, give casual look for hang out, without looking bulky. 
  4. The glitter ankle boot! What can I say..just imagining to complete the outfit with, I had been excited. Perhaps changing it with dressy pump for more formal party.
  5. Crystal Embellished Design Headband for completing the whole look, especially for more formal event on a hair with pretty vintage lady bun. I think necklace would just make the look too crowded and mess up the beautiful embroidery. 

    So that's it, I hope you could imagine the look. What do you think?

    Click here if you also want to enter the sweepstake, or here to Hoss Intropia site.


    1. Nice items!
      Check our list and let we know what do you thing about it!

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    2. Super cute blog! Love it!

      ox from NYC!


    3. congratulations!!!! (((:


    4. Congratulations! :)

    5. Congrats !!

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    7. Thankyou everyone! Hoss Intropia are amazing. It's really like a dream, an Intropia! Congratulation all the winners! I will follow this up and visit you all soon. I'm going to sleep now see you Wednesday!

    8. omg i just saw that i've won, too !!! hahaha omg congrats to you too. i'm flashed right now. omg XDDDDDD


    9. Thankyou, have visited your blogs, nice to know you

    10. hey, have you already received your package?


    11. Hey I am one of the winner of this contest :)
      But I've just received the parcel and I miss one piece: the glitter ankle boots...could you let me know if you have receive them!
      Thank you so much:)


    Thankyou, your comments color my day!