Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Then I Wear The Pink Paisley to Hike to a Castle

And then I wore the pink paisley to hike to a castle and passing a little path full with bushes, snails and Holunderbl├╝ten ( Elder Flowers ) ...
I wore all pastel pink and my husband wore his Tosca mint summer jacket

Paisley t-shirt: thrift store
Trekking pant: Michel Klein via Thrift Store
Shoes: Micelino via Mirota Kampus Dept. Store Jogja Indonesia
Hat: Triset OXA
Backpack: bought in Khao San Bangkok Thailand
Walking Sticks: Power Walking


  1. Cool photos and the place looks very nice. X

  2. Looks fun. Great pics, I wish to go hiking soon!

  3. @Fydez, thanks, it's simply nice and very close to our place, daily walk destination for people in this smalltown. the castle privatly belongs to somebody. @Nish, thankyou, it was simply enjoyable day, hope you have chance go hiking again:)


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