Friday, June 8, 2012

Pink Paisley + Skirty Pant

Let me take you back to Austria. I think that day I was a little bit of Mori girl. We walked trough the woods to reach our fave cafe for our latte macchiato and hot chocolate, regular newspapers and mags reading, It was sunny summer but chilly wind, so i covered up my self with long sleeve (the cotton fabric had texture like sporty polo shirt, absorbed sweat without making clumsy feeling ), long wide skirty pant that was flair down to my ankle, socks, flats (not my all terrain bulky man shoes like usual), Kipling backpack, bringing a scarf which was ready to wear, and ready to be used for a photo pose like the last photo below!

If i remember paisley, i remember my mother who loves this pattern so much. Cheering up summer with paisley curls like the leaves and touch of ethno. I wonder is that any special meaning behind paisley pattern?

Paisley t-shirt, skirty wide pant: (old, no brand). Backpack: Kipling (old). Socks: C&A (colors set, sales, so cheap!). Flat shoes: Cube, Scarf: bought in shopping centre in Jogja.

My skirty pant had accompanied me during my travel in Thailand and Penang, Malaysia. It had cut on each side that i could make big knots out of them, turned it into balloon pant. Something suited for South East Asia trip, but here, trough the woods to cafe in town without problem as well.

Wish you all lovely weather!


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