Saturday, June 2, 2012

Retro Origamic

We stayed the few last days in Jogja in a guesthouse, economy class room with a public living room.

Despite the bathroom cleaness, let me take you to our living room's retro charm that begs me for mercy for it's broken and dirty pieces.Retro chairs with plaid and flowers pattern, a plastic tea pot and landscape painting in a way fit my mood at that moment, when I wear red-white stripes t-shirt and a flare skirt in a origamic shape, plus I made a skinny bun on my head. My tee was so comfortable and light and my skirt, it was middle length but so wide that I could jump on a bike but i have to be carefull as it was almost broken because it was hooked on the bike. I found it in a thrift store in Jogja and had worn it during my travel in Jogja, Bali and Singapore as you will see in my future posts with different combination.

 I brought a ton of my old clothes from my hometown that was no way to bring my old shoes. My ethno sandals had been broken there so I just took this converse flipflops as it's raining season, and had to wear it when i went bath and anywhere. So if you think the blue flipflop didn't match, just could you please ignore them:).

I hope you have nice weekend wherever you are!


  1. The retro charm is perfect and matches your stunning outfit!

    This post makes me want to redecorate my house!

    sending you happy spells

  2. Nice photos you have here- the vibe and feeling is lovely. X

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  4. @Amy, Thankyou, I'm so so happy if it contributes inspiration to you! Thanks for the happy spell too:)
    @Fydez: Thankyou, I like the vibe in your style too:)

  5. I love how nostalgic and old fashioned your photos are! Simply beautiful :)


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