Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunny Tee

The days in Jogja were sunny and hot for few days then raining very hard on the other few days. A bright yellow tee with orange sunny graphic on it was my choice for this weather that just exactly similar to the weather changing of my mood. Thankyou to my sis for giving me the tee.
I just altered my gray trouser, changed its shape into a pencil pant..that's how they call it. I mean they...were the jeans etc repair places those were spreaded along the road near my house. But you can actually repair, alter or even make new clothes there with your very own design.
And no, it was not too hot for me in this tropical and humid climate. I even wore my jacket to avoid sunburn. Perhaps my body still remembers the adjust setting as it's my hometown!

Tshirt: Zara TRF collection (out)
Trouser: Ramayana Dept. store Jogja
Jacket: Biaggini,


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