Sunday, April 1, 2012

Travelling Army Green

jacket: Biaggini, shoes: Michelino made in Indonesia

Hello! How are you? Finally I have chance to post. I have been being in terrible flu followed by cough. By that mean I am not an outdoor person this time. So I took a seat in town and used some internet data I had purchased that would end tomorrow. But sorry that I could not still as active and reponse as much as before I went.

So let start with flying back to the time when the trip had taken in the first place. I was confuse of what I would wear, considering the climate change from cold europe to hot, humid, rainy to summer season in South East Asia. My little experience in the previous time was not enough, as I tried to remember how it was. Well, I knew I would not need winter jacket. I needed casual outdoor jacket that is light enough, dry fast and still maintaining the look. So this army green parka/jacket  was a perfect choice with complete features. Water repeller, wind protection, hood, big pockets, hidden pocket, bottom length to cover any back insidential ( for example: legging that shows undies line ). The pockets carried any stand by items like handphone, ticket, small money, even pocket camera to instant snap.
I was still freezing when I waited for the train to take us to Vienna Westbahnhof, but as soon as I sat in the train then bus then airport then airplane, it was warm. And out from Changi Airport Singapore, was too hot! Anyway, maybe my body remembered how I used to wear jacket in Indonesia. Yes we all did, mainly because avoiding sunburn and bad night wind. Yeah, so I wore it everywhere.

Thankyou for all your precious time you spend in my blog. Wish you all very awesome week :)!
xo, Nataya


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