Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stripes and Candy

Arm candy can make bold statement of your outfitt. Do you agree? The pretty Coral Woven with Gold Chain bracelet is from Ginny's Jewels. I won it via giveaway at Rory's blog Wear Abouts.

Check out Ginny's Jewels store here to discover more of Ginny's beautiful handmade jewelries and Rory's beautiful blog here to be inspired by her georgeous style! I can count on this bracelet to polish my look. This time I pair it with colorful glass bangles and pearls. What do you think? 

Oh did you notice above? I can even wear it as statement necklace!

After long day of red legs (see previous post), these legs of mine turn into gradient of yellow candy like a bold statement to say: I got this tights from Choies here. It's thicker than I thought, warm and comfy. Since I am petite, the color looks more opaque but I like it that way.  There are various of color option available, I wish I could collect all of them :).

Not to forget my stripes! This black and white stripes coat with ruffle collar I wore at my wedding (Yes it was!!)  and I got it from thrift store :). The details pieces have been vulnerable cause perhaps I didn't do the right maintenance for it, that's sad. I would need to hunt for new golden buttons

Stripes coat: thrift store;
White tee: Here + There Cool from C&A;
Skirt: H&M sale;
Yellow Gradient Tights: Choies;
Coral Woven with Gold Chain bracelet: Ginny's Jewels;
Other arm parties: presents/souvenirs;
Black glitter flats: Claire's store.
Nude nails: French Pink nail polish Parlez-vouz Francais set from The Color Workshop

Thanks for reading. Your feedback would be much appreciated. Keep inspiring and wish you a super inspiring moment.



  1. You look fabulous Nataya! I like how you turned the bracelet into a necklace. I will be posting a shout out of your blog soon.


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  3. Looks amazing!!! love strips!!! xxx

  4. LOVE the bracelet! looks so good on you, girl! <3

  5. How incredible are those tights!!! I ADORE THEM!!!

    <3 Cambria

  6. Your blog is kinda cool. And I kinda love going here! One of my fav posts, this one, too :)


  7. I really love your thights!!! keep up the good post!!! xxx

  8. I'm totally going to check out these tights, they are amazing!

    Xo, Imke

  9. @Ginny and Rory: Thanks to you! I am glad you like it cause I do love the bracelet:)

  10. @International Directory Blogspot: Thankyou, I have been following, I am the same account with my photoblog: chachamisu

    @Street Fashion Paris, Cambria, Lucija: Thankyou so much!:) Hope we keep visiting each other. I do my best to keep good post too. Thanks for the support and motivating comments.

    @Admirably Pretty: I think you would love it. Better than the photo:) Thankyou

  11. adorable tights!!
    and it really suits you well

  12. @Poldo Napitupulu: Thankyou, Poldo. I really hope so!

  13. Wow! the tights are amazing!!!
    Your blog is really cute, hope you can check ours and leave some comments, we can also follow each othe rif you wan to.


  14. what a cute tights!
    love the color. mind to follow each other?


  15. I knew you were Indonesian when I saw your post entitled "Batik and Bold Red Legs!" My family is from Indonesia (Jakarta to be exact), and my parents are going to be moving back there in January! I haven't been back there in over 8 years, but I'll make my trip over there sometime next year. Great gradient tights. They look funky and fresh with your striped dress. Thanks for posting!

    The Stylista Diaries

  16. thank u for your comment :D followe back <3
    keep in touch!

  17. I love your bracelets, they're very pretty! ;)

  18. what a cute tights,
    the color is awesome

  19. Nice outfit:) If you want go to my blog:)


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