Thursday, February 27, 2014

Late Winter Layering: Stripes Dress, Tights, Hoodies, Duffle Coat

Transition Winter-Spring layering: Stripes knit dress + hoodie +duffle coat + Cable knit scarf + thermal legging + beanies + boots
Transition layering: I decided to take off the hood cable knit scarf
Transition winter-spring layering without coat: dress + hoodie
Hi....  Today is about my late winter/ transition to spring layering outfit. My outfit perhaps looks more on the winter side, but I often feel freezing in early spring so this layering works flexible.

This red duffle coat again, but I wore it with different layering combi. Outside looks like it's spring already although not officially. Little bulbs have popped up on the grass. The weather sometimes warm and sun shines brightly and suddenly cold, cold wind blows. It's cold along the river side and shade under high building row. People on the street wear mix. Some of them still put on coats, and some of them running around with open sweat hoodies no coat like it's summer afternoon. I still wear both.

YES to...
Layering. Easily put on or put off when it's too cold or  too hot.
Light hoodies with zipped pockets. With hood I actually don't need beanie, especially the one with pull button draw string so it's hold my head properly. I have ears that can't stand cold wind.
Thermal tights. They have fleece on the inner side without looking too thick.

NO to...
Too much! For the neck. I have hoodie, scarf with hood, and coat with hood, and beanies. I didn't wear all at once though, but they annoy my neck. With hoodie jacket, I don't need the belt either, if you noticed that on the pic.

Put off the scarf and use my hoodie and coat to keep my neck warm or opt for lighter small scarf instead. Ta daaa!

I wore:
Secondhand duffle coat from United Colors of Benetton,  wool blend.
Stripes knit dress from Mango, old, wool blend (warm but somehow stinks easily). See in my other outfit mix here.
Polyester hoodie jacket from...(I'll update after I take a look it again :)). Reason I wear polyester is because it doesn't  hold moisture thus it doesn't make me freezing. But it does attract dust, hairs and fibers, and also easily stinks.
Thermal tights with fleece from NKD. I bought in sale for 2€, kid size. Warm and comfy but they have been saggy just because of rubbed against my boot fleece. :(
Beanies from souvenir stall in Dieng, vulcanic plateau in Central Java, Indonesia.
Sunglasses from Firmoo. My review here.
Boots from somewhere in Canada, they were my mother in law's. Lucky me.

I don't always use chance to take photo outside and I am often too shy, so I build a little photo corner in my house with background from wall paper I bought in super cheap sale, and I have edited the background so it's clutter free. I took pic before and after went out.

Wish you a super inspiring day! 



  1. Such a cute winter look, I just love your hat!

    1. Thank you, lovely Cee :) have a great weekend!


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