Sunday, March 9, 2014

Haul: Cord Pants

Cord pants from Gina - Ernsting's family
and rusty like brown
I gain weight enlarges my waistline and hips. Now I fit into size 34, which the advantage is this size is easier to find in most woman department than 32. I am actually looking for more tailored formal trousers or if they are casual, I want them to be the slim skinny one. No more cord pants, I thought. However I came to Ernsting's Family shop and found these Gina cord pants size 34 in sale. The red pants for 5€ and the rusty brown ones for only 3€....and I ended up buying them both. Haha. Cord pants are a way too comfy to resist the sale.

Yes to:
They are so comfortable. Stretch. I can move nicely. 
Such cheap price for new pants.
No underwear marks.
The fabrics are corduroy cotton & polyester, so the advantage is that they are dry easier and warmer.
Close to skinny ones (I know they aren't that skinny). No baggy. Slip easily into boots. I wear boots from Hoss Intropia in this post.
I really like the colors, the dark washed make my legs look like I have muscles! Lol. I don't have red pants yet. I like that rusty effect. Would be easy to style it too, nice effect for the mix.
Not bleeding in washing and don't easly pick up lint (cord usually does)

The are too long and I am lazy to alter them, but I think the cut/proportions still fit me.
Corduroy fabric may look thick and bulky, especially in bold colors but I'm fine with these ones.

I haven't seen a lot of outfits posts on blogs featuring cord pants. I just curious how others style them. I see not few either people here wearing cord pants. How about you? By the way, it reminds me of my childhood and teens too.

About Ernsting's Family, click here. I like their designs and the affordable price for the whole family. Unfortunately, they don't ship internationally. 

Have a lovely week everyone!

PS: This is NOT sponsored post


  1. they all look lovely - i love all the colurs

    1. Hi Kirsty, thank you so much! I'm glad you like the colors too. :)

  2. what a nice blog! wanna follow each other dear? :))

  3. Love your camera tee! Cutest design ever!
    Chic on the Cheap

    1. Thank you, Lyddie, got it in my homeland, was very cheap. Smile click click :)


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