Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thrift Haul: Pockets Jacket

Happy Spring!

When I was in naschmarkt in Vienna there was this woman selling a pile of 50cent per piece clothes, with no specific category. People surrounded it, they were digging through, pulling out, throwing back pieces again and again. It was pretty insane so why not who knows I would find something. Most of this clothes were too big for me and no...that's not, this one not...I don't like. But then I saw this jacket. It was getting dark, and this jacket looked pretty good. I am always impressed with pockets. It's something I really need and functional.  Okay, so I bought it.

Secondhand C&A jacket with a lot of pockets.
Turns out...there are some flaws in this jacket I am going to explain you below but the flaws don't matter.

The label said it's from Here and There, Cool by C&A (C&A online shop here). Apparently it's from one of C&A's kids labels. When I thrift I don't only look for designer or high street labels item nor only look for adult size nor only woman clothes. Personally I like C&A by the way (especially their socks). They have wide range of options from adult to baby, man and woman with affordable price. They have even products with organic cotton.

I wore the Here and There by C&A jacket with United Colors of Benetton sweater, Ernsting's Family cord pants, Puma sunglasses and thrifted leather boots from unknown brand (with helicopter logo). Forgive my basic awkward pose :-).

Pen drawing on the chest, neck collar, button clip and zipper chest pocket, buttons clasps and zipper closure,
Front pockets to hide cold hands (with hole clasp, can hook something on it),
secure button

Hook for hanging, pen doodle on the label, pink/purple liner, inside pocket and handy pocket, waist hook.
  • Functional, suitable for outdoor activity, water repellent, seems to be sturdy/durable fabric but soft and  light weight at same time.
  • Comfy.
  • Pockets! My fave features. Buttons, zippers, hooks, neck collars (see photos)!
  • Machine wash, easy maintenance.
  • I love all of the details, for me they are pretty, as well as the colors.
  • The size is bigger than my regular fit size, but it fits even better because it covers my bottom (no worry about underwear embossed mark too hhehee) and there is room for pullover or fleece hoodie underneath.
Thrift cons:
  • After I got back home I found out that there are pen doodles at the chest and label that I couldn't remove it, perhaps from the previous owner. :) Ah, I think it's okay. it doesn't look obvious and quite blended. 
  • There are some broken stitches at the front pockets but they are only deco stitches. I think I can even repair them my self.
That's all!

I actually have skipped some photos. I don't know it still would look suitable to post photos of February winter outfits besides that I am just simply confuse: :). Anyway, I hope you have inspiring day, guys!


  1. What a cute outfit! Love that jacket!


    1. Thank you, Indy! Glad you like it too :-)


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