Saturday, March 29, 2014


Winter/Spring transition outfit. Photo by Mike Kraus

Photo by Mike Kraus

Photo by Mike Kraus

Photo by Mike Kraus

Photo by Mike Kraus

Photo by Mike Kraus
Photo by Mike Kraus

Photo by Mike Kraus

We were meandering along the river. It was beautiful day in February (I know it's a mont late, but the outfit is still relevant with today so I hope it doesn't matter for you), it looked like it has been spring already. The weather was similar like in early April last year. The snow has melted away. We expected some flowers bulbs, because our back yard has been covered by them. We didn't find more flowers along the river, but it was glowing and the sun was brightly shining.

I still need to wear my beanie, scarf, thermo tights and warm outdoor shoes to protect me from cold breeze although it was sunny day. However, I wore just a light spring coat (more about this thrifted coat some other time) with a knit dress inside.

These are a perfect shoes for strolling around, because beside they are warm, they are durable enough to walk trough dirt and muddy earth. They have a nice support construction I can even lean my calves backwards and have a little muscle rest.
I wore: thrifted parka coat with label: Zooc, my beanie is souvernir from Dieng Plateau, east Java, thermo tights (with inner fleece) from NKD store, shoes are bought in Hofer supermarket here in Austria..

Wish you all lovely time wherever you are :-).

PS: photos of me by Mike.


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