Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blue Ink


Hi, I am Nataya. I am glad that you visit my new blog. I am blogger and photo taker behind Chachamisu photoblog. Here is my other blog where i share you just a little bit more of my eclectic snippets, things that inspire me, I love, wear and ponder over.

Snow came late. Last winter, the snow poured down in November. This season the snow started in early February.  So we have a white Valentine (and cold).
I always thought i don't like blue, especially dark one. Too much of this color makes me depressed somehow. But in a weird way, i happened to wear blue almost all over, with a smile! So it would be blue valentine as well.

Stay warm!


  1. Love the pants!! funny!


  2. wow, you are the first one commenting on my new blog, even visit my photoblog too, thankyou so much, it's such motivating. I'm going to visit yours:)

    about the legging: Me too! Was it too kiddies for me? That day i am about kawaii at heart:)

  3. Love the leggings! Very cute.


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