Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pink Marker

For celebrating Valentine's Day, we watched bloody vampire movie in cinema! Why not? Special event ment to be promo price, and I'd rather watch action (and 3D) in super screen than drama.

For going to "Underworld Awakening", I had welcome the awakening of Selene-played by Kate Beckinsale- (I love her style, especially when she put on long vampire coat as she was walking) with marker like pink stripes and blacks! I mix some textures from all fake woolen (acrylic) to viscose velvet and under a slightly glossy of my skirt. All was warm enough that i could left my coat in the car. Viscose is cold for wet weather but being a velvet is making it warm. 

And as long as there is enough pile of snow out there i would be stick to the waterproof winter boot however it fit or not with the look i actually want. I should treat the leather of my other boot since salt on the road can ruin it it.


As we were in the cinema earlier than the busy time, and this cinema just add new theater rooms, we could say that it was like we booked the whole room! Just about ten people far on the back and we were just a lucky pair right in the middle. Unfortunately i didn't take photo. 
After that we were out from theater room, still inside the building , there were cafes and bars. The setting was made like it was outside. No people! So I had chance to take photos, including in front of an XL melty, pastel, rainbow wax that went well with my head.

I wish  you all an inspiring awakening for your weekend!

( pullover old NKD, gift, thanks for my friend, cardigan old H&M, skirt and legging H&M, beanie 50% wool from Bellantare, bought in Hofer, waterproof boot was bought in Hofer ) 


Thankyou, your comments color my day!