Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snow Military Mix

The outfit is a mix of military, sporty, and vintage style. 

How it works?
  • I didn't expect the wet snow to pour down on me, but it happened. I was glad that the military look jacket was a wet snow repellent. It was as warm as my fiber fill coat. 61% wool, without any cotton or rayon is warm enough than 100% polyester. I got it as a gift in my early time I arrived in Europe.
  • Other than this jacket what I wore were good enough for the weather, including double layer of gloves. Yes, I need double! The leather mittens have lamb wool inside and I was so thankful to find them in flea market.
  • The shoes which I had worn in the previous post is the cheapest -in these kind of-boots with waterproof membrane I could find (less than 18 euro) and it has been working wonders so far. It also has enough room for my big toes.
  • The hat did a good job too as it hit away the snow, covered my ears, but not as heavy as it size.
  • How about the bike? Well, perhaps the snowy city bike will fit better with my outfit that day instead of snowy car.

Stay warm!

Jacket old H&M thanks for my friend 


  1. Full of style. Love it.

  2. i love this outfit
    so military as you said,

    thanks for your sweet comment
    following you now

    hope we can follow each other


Thankyou, your comments color my day!


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