Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stripe Twin Set at Home

    What do you wear at home? Pajama, sweat pants? And what do you think about the classic twinset? Oldies? 40s?
    Nothing I wore in this post was a bold statement. Sometimes I just want to be just simply ordinary. but I had fun combining these pieces together like "Oh! They were so matched!" Something like that, really in simple and common way....

   These grey stripe armless t-shirt and cardigan did not originally came in pair, but they were so matched as twinset, and matched as well with my grey warm legging.

    How it works?
    As I don't only wear pajama at home, twinset and legging are so comfortable and easy going. I can opened cardigan when it was too warm or want to hide under blanket, but it's appropriate enough to jump out to supermarket. Anyway, the heating is not really warm so I have to put warm clothes on.

   I wish you feel homey wherever you are, no stress!


  1. hi ;) there's giveaway going on at my blog i just wanted to shamelessly plug in case you're interested! eheh.



  2. Nice and cozy. Cute blog.
    Shall we follow each other?
    xx Emily of EL Vintage

  3. You are adorable! I love wearing oversize cardigans, trousers and t shirts I look like a boy when I'm at home :)

  4. cool boots,


  5. Thankyou everyone, sorry I have been travelling in Indonesia and enjoying time with my family. But I'll be back.
    @Victoria: yap, it's so comfortable. I like your androginy sense by the way, boyish look great on you.

  6. sweet :D
    Love Lois xxx


  7. How sweet and cute are you!?
    Love the pictures!

    Have a great day!

    Xx, Saritschka.


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