Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Punch + My Winning News

Hi! I made special lookbook - scrapbook style for my outfit post today, full of fresh colors like a summer fruity punch.

Colors punch for breezy summer from citrus, orange, mint, paisley and flowers, all in the same shirt. It's perfect for the occasion since I wore it to go to doctor for blood test! The doctor was amazed of my thin vessels. He had to warm my arm then tried again. Pretty hurt. It's good to have happy pattern outfit when you feel hurt.

So here I am, might end up looking more like a spring girl. I still covered my self from head to toe.  However that's the advantage of layers, right? Hot sun, cold breeze, and inside supermarket can be also so freezing, it confused me. When it started heating up, I put off my jacket and still wore my scarf. How about yu? Have you exposed some skin to have a glowing tan? Or you avoid sun burn like me ( I have skin bubbles few years ago all over my arm and I am not fans of sticky sunblock ).

After the doctor we went to Sankt Pölten. On the way we found an old wooden house which had been a place for working on glass or wood craft. Inside was clammy and cool and the sun came in from its broken roof top.

Mr. Marmot was so blend with that house, all brown as an almost perfect camouflage.

Top: thrift store in Jogja - blended material
Jeans: Nevada via Matahari dept. store, Jogja
Scarf: a market in Central Jakarta, cheap and awesome!
Gladiator sandals: Ginger Mary
Jacket : H&M - wool blended
Socks: C&A
Sunglasses: Claire's (their products are so cute and cheap!) in St. Pölten Traisenpark Shopping Mall

Before I leave you, I want to share news:

 I won an envelope bag from Koogul from My Choices are My Style blog ( I like Marie Stella's fun style ) and Hoss Intropia & Bloglovin' Sweepstake (see my blog post here). The news came to me in the same day! It felt like a dream for me. I wrote to Hoss Intropia that it was like how "Intropia" had been described on their website: A dream wanting to come true. Now I am waiting for the beautiful pieces to arrive. I have been imagining to style them and posting about.

Thanks to Marie Stella from My Choices are My Style blog, Koogul, Hoss Intropia, Bloglovin and lovely readers' commented on my post.

By the way,  I am on bloglovin, here to follow me with bloglovin.

Thanks for reading, I wish you enjoy a beautiful summer!


PS: Do you like the new color of my blog? Fresh minty!


  1. I love the photo surrounded by wooden walls, a little window for you.

    Olivia Lee

  2. thankyou, Olivia, this house is nice location for photoshoot, don't you think?

  3. It looks so cute how you did the first pictures! And the ones in the house are very nice.


  4. Cute collages! Super creative and fun

  5. Cute photos hun! You are adorable :)


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