Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trip Outfit Pass (-ed out) Port

 With economy class train from Jakarta to Jogja. In South east Asia my hair was curlier and thicker, something to do with climate I guessed.

So this blog has been not only showing my outfits but more as a personal research of defining a personal style, including talking about the awkward of fashion moment in life. It is matter, isn't it, what to wear. I hope I could intrigue you to put a thought in connection of your personal experience. I have posted various outfit in my real life activities from shopping, cafe, Nordic walking, and so at home, in the way how mood based I am to style my self. Most of the time, the most reachable is the winner, function afterwards. As practical as that. Put aesthetic points aside.

Real life activities. Let's talk about what's hot in summer: travel. Trip. My last travel crossing country was when I came back to South East Asia, to my homeland Indonesia. Started from our town with ÖBB train to Wien (Vienna) Westbahnhof. From there we went with a bus to Vienna airport. We change aeroplane in Frankfurt, Germany. From there we flew to Singapore. We spent two days in Singapore, went anywhere with MRT before flew to Jakarta. We stayed about two-three nights ( I really forgot) in Jakarta then we finally went to Jogja with economy class train (which already had Air Condition horey:)).

 The first out fit from Austria until Singapore. You can see more photos in my previous post here. Do you recognize my redundant ugly expression?

For outfit on the way, I have thought something like this, which looked like a perfect plan:

1. All layers needed for the cold air to hot humid climate, and rainy season.
2. Polyamid/nylon fabric that is comfortable. Polyester is easily smell, although dry fast.
3. Something i wouldn't mind to throw.  I planned to bring my old clothes to Austria, so I would left some of clothes from here there.
4. A light dress, so i could easily put on or off pant or legging underneath.  Shouldn't be transparent.
5. Modes, not too open. 

My picks as you can see in the photos:

1. Blended material parka with big pockets and hood from Biaggini www.charles-voegele.com
2. Polyamid floral dress from Orsay
3. Unbranded oversize pant. (This was pant that I would leave in Indo). It was too big at the ass but it was covered by the dress and jacket.
4. My man shoes from Micelino via Mirota Kampus Dept. Store Jogja. I bought before first time I came to Europe. Price ca. 12 Euro, real leather and last forever. I went with them hiking on Alps.
5. My trekking backpack, as usual. Bought in Bangkok, Thailand. Strong and protective enough for netbook/laptop. Hip pads are important so the weight felt lighter.
6. Socks.

 The first outfit in Bali airport.

It got chilly so I changed my outfit to this one.

On the way back from Bali to Singapore, I wore a t-shirt and flared skirt when we came to airport. We arrived there much much earlier from the take off time so we had to make a temporary picnic area on the floor, just outside the check-in room. The air got so chilly so I decided to change my outfit to the blue floral dress again with a legging and white cotton hoodie jacket, then i felt warm enough to try to sleep on the trolley! 

I have left my oversize pant in Indonesia. The white jacket was my old jacket I brought from my country.

The lesson I got here:
1. I didn't feel comfortable with the smock and strappy upper part of the dress. But the fabric and the length did work awesome.
2. The parka was too hot. However it had saved me when I went to the mountain, long way on the motorbike and under the rain. The pockets were very usable.
3. The legging was fit in the early time of wearing. An hour later it became too loose, but still comfortable, even though less chic:). I like that it was not seen trough. Actually it was called long john, bought at boy outfit H&M. 5 euro for two.
 4. Bring water resistant and easy to clean sandals.
6. A big funky headphone could be cool for the train trip along with it's function. It would be kind of cluttering up though.
7. Hat and glasses for dealing with the strong sun light.

How about you? How was your trip plane/train/ship/bus outfit experience?

Wish you have a wonderful trip!

Naty Ponders

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