Sunday, August 26, 2012

Floral and Vitamin Movie Night

Hi lovelies! How are you? I have been in a not so good condition psychologically as I silly posted in my photography blog here. But as you can see I have finally had new post. I want to thank you for new visitors and of course new followers. I visit you back as soon as I can.

That day we watched Prometheus premiere. I wore just ordinary casual outfit that I had worn the whole day. Vitamin colors; yellow and orange on blue jeans! Seems the colors can spark a little of happy mood just like vitamin.

What do you think better? Tuck in or not?

The floral blouse I bought in Matahari Dept. Store in my hometown, it's girl size:).
The jeans uses to be my fave. Bought in the same store from label  Sixty Jeans. (not Miss Sixty). It fits my petite figure and my curve without altering. No gap, no undies contour, no baggy along hip line, not too long legs. It has slightly stretch fabric but not too stretchy. I can easily move and dance in it! Plus, it has special memory because this was one of outfits I bought with my first salary as a new employee.
By the way, I find difficult to get the perfect size and proportion pant here in Europe.

I purchased the Heart Sunnies at Romwe. Mood booster!

I was thankful that the cinema is in the shopping mall so I could taste my first frozen yogurt and tiramisu before it started. Seriously, this was first time I ate frozen yogurt and it was delicious.

In the right photo above and left photo below I look shorter. I wonder if it was the pose or the jeans, or the way I wore it.

Gladiator sandals from Ginger & Mary.  They are comfy and I start to like the tick tock sound! Before the sound did bother me:)
I haven't painted my nail for very long time. Years! So i think the gold accent on the sandals quite decorated my feet:).

My pretty new love! I got this orange Cube bag from Madonna magazine giveaway:). I love it. It has a lot of pockets. I have to squeeze some stuffs in though but I made it. I didn't find the website of the brand unfortunately. We can get this label Cube's products at multilabel shoes and bags stores.
Bonus: I can wear its strap as a belt or necklace:) Score!

 Okay, that's all for now. I am going to sleep, pretty tired. But I won't leave befor wishing you wonderful and inspiring new week!



  1. you look lovely..just follow you through bloglovin:) do come and visit my blog again;0


  2. I really like how you mix different things: fantastic bag, sandals,sunnies!!! You look stylish!

  3. love your outfit! :)
    visit my blog?

    Rae Abigael ♥
    Raellarina-The Ballerina on Fire

  4. Love the heart sunglasses. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm now following with bloglovin as well.


  5. @everyone: thankyou so much, I do like mixing matching and making mad mess!:))

  6. wow , amazing look ;)

  7. Such a pretty look! I love your blouse, and your heart-shaped sunglasses are too cute :)

  8. cute sunnies!


  9. This is such an adorable look. Really loving how you toned down that ultra feminine top with a pair of jeans; instant casual. Your photos look so energetic and full of life, I love it! Also digging those awesome cognac sandals as well!

    With love from San Francisco, California, USA,

  10. Love your look!!!! so pretty!!! xxx

  11. Such a pretty style!!! love your pics!!! xxx

  12. What a great look! And the bag is so pretty.


  13. @all: Hi!Thankyou for your responses and stopping by my blog. I am so glad if you like it! I visited your blogs too, keep in touch.

    @Sabrina: Thankyou Sabrina, I count on jeans pretty often, how about you?:)

  14. I adore your <3 sunglasses!



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