Friday, August 3, 2012

Mesh It Up

 Hi. A late post today, I really MESH it up. This mesh tank top is may be the most complicated top I have. This is a time for looking sporty, this time I even perhaps can wear this mesh top for fishing! 

 I pair it with a linen jacket which perfect for summer. I love how the textures all mixed together, with a line of pink color at my skirt and legging.

Oh cheap gummy slippers! (I'm not sure to mention them as crocs because they are not original brand Crocs) I have problem with summer shoes and sneakers lately, nothing is perfect. The green sneakers hurt my ankles, the Puma one are getting slippery and suck water too much, the sandals  scratch my skin, my man shoes are in maintenance because they start stinky So if you think my gummy slippers mess up my chicness, honestly I have my feet all very happy.

So what do you think about the mesh top and cheap gummy "crocs"?

Mesh top: Syndikat fashion store at Lugner City, Vienna.
Linen jacket: L.O.G.G H&M (old)
Cotton skirt: Maui Wowie
Sport legging: Crivit, bought in Hofer supermarket in my town. There are a lot of Hofer in Austria, they sell clothes too from various companies which each time are always different.

Now I mix another sporty, energic look that inspire from mesh top and sport activities. I hope it is inspiring.

Mesh top and co

Lipsy one shoulder cocktail dress, €24 / Sleeveless top, €35 / Bisou Bisou metallic top, €20 / City by Windsor mint green top, €10 / River Island pattern shirt, €6,35 / Aubin & Wills cotton skirt, €38 / H&M lace up shoes, €32 / Puma sport shoes, €41 / Converse star shoes, €37 / Pull&Bear studded backpack, €33 / Victoria's Secret cotton bag, €26 / Vintage shoulder bag, €20 / ASOS gold bag, €10 / Brimmed hat, €40 / Men's Vaca Visor, €14 / Original Velour Snap Pocket Pant, €29

Thankyou for all your lovely comments, have a wonderful week!


PS: I received a parcel from Hoss Intropia today! I'm so happy. It's not 100% similar with my blog post (remember? it's here). However I am truly grateful.  I plan to wear the dress at an event in the upcoming days. I hope I have a chance to take photos (It's in the night so I'm not sure) cause I want to share with you all. Stay tune!

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