Saturday, August 11, 2012

Not a Little Black Dress

In the previous post I talked about attending an event where I would wear the dress I got from Hoss Intropia at. Well, I am sorry to say, everything was out of the plan!

More to sorry for, I didn't have perfect sharp outfit photo at the event but I got some before I went.

The story went like this. The event was the famous opera Mozart's Don Giovanni as a part of Sommertraum Festival in Semmering. I was so sure that it would be in Vienna. No, it was not. Not to ask my self how I missed the details. We would drive the car 3 hours from our town to get there. My husband talked about looking a spot to spend the night, which mean sleeping in the tent. (And I prefer car instead if we wouldn't sleep in a room.

I took consideration necessary of all the happy picture in my mind. 

  1. It would be so hot, I would sweat like crazy and no heavenly shower. Note that the car has no air conditioner, and we would drive at noon.
  2. The Hoss Intropia dress made from soft silk and lace, it feels so delicate and luxurious. I don't want to take a risk to wear it in a "tough" condition for the very first time.
  3. There was no Gala dress code.
  4. I don't have any matching shoes.

However, guess what I decided to wear! A little black dress? Not that little, this oversize black shantung silk shirt I wore as a shirt dress! Even it is silk (could be blended or synthetic polyester silk too, no care label attached) it is so durable. I wore over a nylon tank. It is so oversize but not wrinkled, and kind of having a volume, structure and rough texture. I have two choices of black crossbody bags, all are roomy enough to even carry my essential toiletries. I pair the dress with glitter black ballerinas. So, yea, it was all about flexibility and easy maintenance. Better after, we slept in a dorm and had a shower, yippie!

The Art Nouveau living room.

I wore all black head to toe, my husband wore white linen head to toe! We were more like the opera players.

The opera is a chamber opera version of Mozart's Don Giovanni ( source here ). It was played moving from one room to other rooms of Art Nouveau style Kurhaus building, also at the front yard you saw above. However it was so great, entertaining and had funny humor. You can not see Don Giovanni in above photo because he was hiding and made his servant Leporello (the guy with a hat on the photo, Pierce Brosnan look alike, my husband said) to be undercover as him.

More photos would  be posted at my photography blog someday, (someday, not now). So check out my other blog and follow too if you like. There would be plenty of my photography of vintage pieces, color themes, event, old building and more.

Or, you can check the event's website here then you can also see the photo of the whole beautiful Art Nouveau Kurhaus building.

Oversized blouse worn as a shirt dress in black shantung silk: thrifted, no labels attached, it could be made from synthetic silk or blended materials as well, it could be custom tailored. I have no idea;
Black crossbody bag 1 with golden locked: thrifted at Naschmarkt Vienna every Saturday;
Black crossbody camera bag 2 in cow leather: Romwe (sold out);
Chain belt: belongs to other dress from Syndikat store;
Glitter black ballerinas: Claire's at Traisen Park shopping center in Sankt Pölten, sale price for €3;
If you recognize my lips: Labello Fruity Shine Pomegranate bought in dm. Better than lipstick on my lips, it is amazing lip care product!
Event and Place: Mozart's Don Giovanni chamber opera version as a part of Sommertraum Festival in Semmering. Played in beautiful Art Nouveau style Kurhaus. More in source here.

And as usual, I polyvored shirt black dress and gold accents -evening event without gala dress code - look for you. All pieces below/ca. 40.

Not too little black dress and gold

MTWTFSS Weekday black dress, €8,13 / Shirt dress, €24 / Fallon ballet flat, €28 / Kitten heels, €13 / Wedge shoes, €25 / Dorothy Perkins crossbody handbag, €40 / Envelope clutch, €27 / Chain handbag, €24 / Woven belt, €13 / Oasis belt, €20 / Leather belt / Luna shirt dress

 Thanks for reading!


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  14. @all, hi everyone, you all have made my day, thankyou so much, I have replied each of your comments at your blog, cause I like to see. :)
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  15. Amazing dress!!! love it from the first sight!!! xxx

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  17. You look lovely dear! a LBD is always perfect paired with gold, hope you had fun!

    xoxo Julieta

  18. You look lovely dear! a LBD is always perfect paired with gold, hope you had fun!

    xoxo Julieta

  19. Love this dress, the design is very unique and both simple but luxurious!


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