Thursday, December 6, 2012

Winter Outfits Collective - Casual Chunky

 Hi everyone...! Do you open advent calendar? What have you found today? :) can find some of my winter outfits here heheheh. I have collected some of my cold weather outfits in one post. Just random but most of them are casual, chunky and comfy!

I couldn't take new outfit pics cause I haven't got new camera sad...except....a little 3.2 mp pocket cam we found in fleas! The LCD is broken and we paid 1 Euro for it, but it has view finder and it works! Don't know yet how to set self timer :). I haven't used it. My hubby has taken some spontaneous awkward shots of me, he has fun with it cause it has view finder, just like SLR., haha, no comparison!

Agh, ok, so take a look my cold weather outfits...

The Irish aran cardigan is kind of conservative I would say, but I like it. So I pair it with urban graphic tee. It's thick, warm and comfy. I love the knitting pattern.

 Hehehe, my pose is totally awkward!

Metallic nails!

A pinch of wild with fake fur..(but easy maintenance!)

Oversized Romwe cardigan appeared in this post.. H&M scarf I wore in 2 posts back.

Same boots as before, same cord pants different color, but this time with quilted jacket I've worn in this post.

You see I wore same items in different time, mix it in different ways. The most repeating worn probably my beanies. It goes with everything. What's your personal fave combos for cold weather?

What sad is my boots I wore you saw on pics above. Those belonged to my mother in law (I've never known her, she passed away years ago)! I love wearing them, but the surface has been damaged, cracks all over. :(

All items in the outfit are old! Some are unbranded.
Irish aran cardigan: Shades of Aran
Belt: Converse
Nail polish: Essence 83 Luxury Secret
Sherling aviator jacket and blue quilted jacket: via Syndikat shop in the mall, @ ca. 10 Euro! Discount price.
Oversized cardigan: Romwe, still available here!
Scarf and beanies: H&M
Brown cord pants: L.O.G.G. H&M
Chocolate boots: Gabor
Boho boots: vintage ....

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful December! Stay warm!



  1. nice winter outfit

    following..i hope you follow back

  2. I love all your looks. Esp the one with the scarf. To tell you the truth. When it´s really cold outside I don´t care about my outfit at all. It has to be warm though <3



    1. Thank you Mira, glad you like it. I like your blog. Amazing sisters! You are absolutely right, warm enough is the most important! I entered your giveaway, cool, hope I win again :) <3

  3. You have very interesting style! I really like it :)
    I was wondering would you like to follow each other? Please let me know :)

    1. Thank you, Preslava, it motivates me. Also thanks for your invitation.

  4. love the looks !! the style of your blog is really cool!!
    thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Melissa, so nice of you. I am struggling to change the look or keep it actually.:)

  5. Your outfits are so cute :)

    They fit you perfectly ;)

    I haven't been blogging for a while but now I'm back ;)

    Thx a lot !

    Following you too now ! :)

    Did you take a look at my newest post ? :)



    1. Thank you! It means a lot to me. Ya, of course, I check it out. Welcome back to you, and wish you wonderful new year:)

  6. Thank you lovelies, Happy New Year wish you all wonderful and super inspiring year!

  7. Looking so loving i love your outfit ...!

  8. nice casual outfit, like it:}X

  9. Nice one ..

  10. i love ur cool style. these clothing looks so amazing on u. ps:i love hm too.


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