Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tiny Silver Heart

Silver Heart pendant/necklace from The Jeweller
I wore it over silk purple floral scarf
The Jeweller jewelry came with box.

Silver heart necklace like a mirror and reflecting light.
The light goes trough the zirconium.

Few days before Valentine's Day I won this bling bling silver heart from The Jeweller. Perfect tiny detail for Valentine. It glows reflecting the light and a tiny amount of the light goes trough the zirconium diamond.

I could have add engraving on it but somehow at that moment I like it better without engraving. Finally... after I had spent 3 days to think about it duhhh. I wasn't into name initial and I confuse anyway if my initial would be "N" for Nataya or "C" for Chacha. Then I came up with "charmed" but suddenly I wasn't sure with the font. Then I and Mike played around with wedding date and symbolic characters. It was limited to seven characters by the way. At the end I thought I didn't want to see any engraving on it hahaha. So that was it. Valentine's Day or not, with words or without, shine your love on!

I've been catching a cold, having like a brain fog and my OCD alike symptom is back. For example, when I watch a fashion show video, I have to replay back the scene till I was sure that my eyes and memory record what I had seen. It's annoying but I couldn't resist the urge! It was not as bad as my younger age though. I want to take a rest now. I wish you all well.

Naty Ponders


  1. that's such a cute and sweet necklace <3 so pretty :)

  2. @mariel janina: Thank you, Mariel! :)) Have a pretty day <3 ,


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