Monday, February 17, 2014

Baaaad Blogger Me, I'm Baaack - Red Duffle Coat

Hiiii. With this post I announce I'm back to this blog! I merged this blog to my photoblog Chachamisu and turned out something didn't fit and somehow it didn't work right that way and blah blah blah....:)). So I am. I decide to continue Naty Ponders, cause Naty is going to keep pondering over how to wear outfit with its trial and error. I would like to take blogging easy, not too seriously while tuning my own rythm and mood based style. Well, perhaps more boring, uglier, and tackier than ever before hahaha just like this outfit: 

Oversized coat, oversized scarf, but tight beanie
OVERSIZE selfie snap! Boaah
Oversize red duffle coat from UCB (thrifted in yearly Pfennig Bazaar, Stuttgart), 
XL scarf from H&M (bought 2010/2011??), 
and/but tight beanie, 1 Euro in KIK shop.

I really wore it outside but I took pic inside. Inside was anyway also cold. Pretend to looked at something, but there should be a window too. hehehe

This combo is not new. The coat is warm and cozy, wool mix, but when I wore backpack, it felt to thick. This scarf doesn't make me sneeze nor cough, that's important! No wind can blow my ears, cause my beanie is tight, perhaps would be too tight shrunk after I wash and machine dry next time. I don't think I will wear this combo again this year. I am a bit bored with the red and light blue. Not even like Superman :)).

Oh ya, and I have edited the picture to remove unwanted clutters in the background. I think it's obvious, haha.

See you in the next post (hope so)! Thanks to you who have bookmarked and visited this blog. 

Naty Ponders

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