Friday, February 2, 2018

Winter Outfit with Puffer Jacket and Plaid Shirt

My winter outfit with puffer jacket, plaid shirt and calf boots
Puffer down jacket with plaid shirt tucked out

That day was cold when i wore this outfit. Everyhing i wore including puffer jacket are thrifted! Well, except underwears, socks, backpack, and gloves haha. I am that thrifty, am I not. I took most of photos inside the house but I really wore it outside.

I actually call puffer jacket a squeezzy jacket, or I like it more bomber jacket due to its shape. In Austria they call it also Steppjacke (quilted jacket). I see it is in trend right now, but despites, i've been always loving it. I just got this coincidentally at Naschmarkt in Vienna. Nobody wanted it so it layed on the ground for free. Only later on I realized, it has some holes already, the down and feather filling has been leaking, but I determined to mend it (a DIY idea came to mind), but anyway, it still works well to keep me warm. 

Previously I had worn this jacket trough the stormy snowy day, and it works indeed well to protect me. In addition, I sprayed it with impregnation liquid before. I should probably share you my outfit on that day first. 

Tucked in...

or tucked out?

This jacket is from label Ecko Red. It has zipped around detachable hip lining with front buttons fastening, so i guess it's actually a ski/snowboard jacket (?), but I think silhouette wise, I wear better without it. (See second pic from the bottom, it's not flattering, or blame it to my awkward pose)

What i like more about this jacket is the durable (despite some holes) fabric, adjustable draw cord around the hood (and the hood is big enough to accomodate my big bun), nice crystal detail and embroidery the label (little details count!) and two pockets with top flaps roomy enough for my pocket camera and smartphone.

The length with the zipped off hip lining is not flattering on me or it's just my awkward pose, because a car was coming then stopped and I was shy

I bought the J. Crew plaid shirt in Pfennigbasaar, Stuttgart. I initially bought it for my sister, and it's J. Crew, label i've been long curious to try. It was great chance to find American labels clothing in charity market from American Community, although if they are available in Europe too. Anyway, my sister didn't want it, so it really became my chance to try. It fits nicely loose but i guess not sloppy. Very comfortable. I've been into plaid shirts when i thrifted there.

Full look puffer jacket and plaid shirt tucked out version

The loop scarf i bought in annual charity market in Eichgraben. It's from Cecil. I wasn't sure about the abstract print and colors before, didn't know why i bought it, but turned out it was very comfortable and has the right dimension as a loop scarf, as hood, as an arm cover or even as a skirt! It's not a very thick and warm scarf, so it would be nice for spring and summer too.

The jeans is XXL Denim by Forever 21, and the fleece headband is super comfortable, fluffy and covers my ears nicely,  both i found in Pfennigbasaar Stuttgart.

The boots was long time ago thrifted in annual Fleamarket in Tulln. Unbranded. They are getting too big now, i don't know why. Most of my boots are getting too big! Do my feet shrink?

The 2 in 1 gloves/mittens were not thrifted but i bought them in sales in Accessorize shop in Stuttgart.  It was Bought 3 Pay 2 Promotion. I bought the gloves 2 and 1 pairs were for my sister. They were soon become my favorite, because it's warm  (with few percentages of cashmere) and i can easily open the mitten front to uncover the fingers to do something on smartphone, for example, until along the way i realized, i need more of using my thumbs and i need to pull off the whole gloves to have so.

Lastly is my hair, i styled it side braid this time. My problem with it is that it got caught on the zipper quite often haha.

Once again shortly here is what i wore:

  • Ecko Red puffer (ski/snowboard?) Jacket, 80% down, 20% feathers
  • J. Crew plaid shirt, thrifted in Pfennigbasaar Stuttgart (once a year)
  • Unbranded leather boots, thrifted in Fleamarket Tulln (once a year)
  • XXL Denim Forever 21 jeans
  • Thrifted fleece thermal head and ear band
  • Accessorize 2 in 1 gloves/mittens

Ok now i have to go, untill next time. I wish you a great weekend.

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