Saturday, January 27, 2018

Winter Outfit with Panda Beanies, Wool Blazer, Vintage White Blouse and Leather Boots

After I took selfie I lost one ear of my panda beanies
Hi everyone,
It's been long time! Now i finally give blogging one more chance. I lost words to make it its own post, so I will just jump to this winter outfit of mine.

I have a long hair now, it hits my hip. The problem with mine being this long but frizzy is it's caught on everything, if you let it open. It's the same kind of annoying thing you'll encounter with sand haha.

I wore this blazer jacket (looks like a military style blazer) from Mango. It doesn't feature zipper but it doesn't mean caught free. Some hairs would always find their way to stuck on the buttons or between the detachable knit scarf. I ended up put my hair on a top bun most of the time, because this hair style is the most huzzle free for me, except one thing: my hats won't fit anymore.

winter ootd: panda beanies, bleazer coat and leather boots
Freezing cold wind along the way, I wrapped my long hair around my neck

Blazer coat from Mango, Panda beanies and long strands of hairs

Panda beanies, vintage white shirt with pretty lace details
Panda beanies and vintage white shirt with pretty lace details
Here I wore my panda beanies. I really wanted to wear this, so I wore my hair down in a tail, and because it was so windy along the way I wrap my hair as a scarf. In balance, this is one of the advantage to have a long hair. Instead of my usual hair bun, I had then pom-poms, not only one but two pom-poms. They are the panda ears, you see. However, only after I looked my self on the toilet mirror in a caffe, I realized I missed one pom-pom! I lost it just after i took the selfie you see here. Thankfully the woman in the bakery shop found it on the floor, but i let it like that in the meantime. It made sense, because my panda beanies has one eye covered, so why not one pom-pom on the same side too.

Talking again about my jacket, the cut fits well and looked like as it lengthened my torso a bit. The fabric is wool blend with lining and it's warm, plus the detachable little knit scarf, but it's not enough to help me with the freezing.

I thrifted my white blouse in Pfennigbasaar in Stuttgart, an annual charity market from the American Community. It looks vintage (probably it is), I find the lace details on the wrists and along the hem are very pretty, don't you think so? Its fabric is thick cotton so it's opaque which I prefer. 💖

Down to the boots, i got them also in Pfennigbasaar, and I paid nothing for! They throw them in the giveaway box. I saw about three pairs of black boots, but only on these ones I saw no defects. However, when I tried them on, I felt one of the ankle frame was folded inwards. Luckily, it happened to be no problem. After I cleaned them (they even looked clean like new) and stored them with a plastic boots storage inserts, the folded frame seemed to be back in place. I'm happy with these boots. They are comfortable my feet don't slip forward, but the soles are soft so when there are gravels, I feel them  trough the soles, especially in this winter time when gravels are poured on the pedestrian road to anticipate slipping danger.

Oh..and my jeans were also thrifted in Pfennigbasaar hahaha. I did bring home quite a lot from there. Not as many as I thought to be though. Anyway, turned out, they are XXL Denim from Forever 21.

So here is once more:

Blazer jacket: Mango
White vintage blouse: unbranded, thrifted in Pfennigbasaar Stuttgart
Jeans: XXL Denim Forever 21, thrifted in Pfennigbasaar Stuttgart
Boots: unbranded, thrifted in Pfennigbasaar Stuttgart
Beanies: unbranded, I forgot where I bought it.

Thanks for reading, untill next time.

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