Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Outfit: Texture of Adventure

Worn out canvas. Reused close up pic from my Shabby Garden look.
Worn out suede. Reused close up pic from my other look.

Hi. This is a different combination of items I wore in previous posts (I just reuse bag and shoes close up pics from my Shabby Garden look). I love the rough textures mix of linen, thick denim, worn out canvas, leather and suede. I think it gives a sense of adventure, a trace of memorable journey (I'm still curious about what story it might be which left a cigarette hole on the bag). Here, for example, I've been wearing it off-road in the woods, just near our home hahaha. In fact, each item is super comfy, durable and functional, yet has affordable price. I did hope I looked mature enough in this casual outfit.

Linen jacket: LOGG by H&M (old)
Stripes tee: Divided by H&M (old)
Boyfriend jeans (indeed man jeans): CCS Legacy Flex (old)
Canvas bag: €1 thrifted in Naschmarkt, Vienna.
Suede shoes: Timberland (old).

The highest price range in this ensemble is the Timberland shoes, but they worth the price for their comfort. The fact that mine are gift from my sister (knew it!) is lucky me, hehehe. I've been hearing a lot of good review about Timberland shoes therefore I really want to try.

Talking about suede leather, I love its look and durability. The down sides are dirt and stain often difficult to clean and prone to mildew.  Upon wearing, either it would look gross, or good one, if the worn out marks would be like aging gracefully. I don't know how these shoes looked like when they were new, but my sister must have done something great.

There are a lot of outdoor shoes made of suede. With the right treatment and  maintenance, they last long and even can be water resistant. However, for other type of suede shoes especially with light color I avoid wearing them in wet, muddy condition or salty road.

Linen and canvas are also durable, but the colored ones can easily fade and look dull upon wearing. Seems like I just did experiment with a total worn out textures mixed all an outfit ensemble. Perhaps I should wear ripped off washed out jeans too. Still I wish my own skin is smoother. :-)

Wish you enjoy your own great time of adventure. Take care!


  1. Looks like you're ready for a fun adventure! Cute look!

  2. Replies
    1. Hehe, iya, sengaja dibiarin begitu, kan biasanya celana jeans tuh yang gaya ripped a.k.a sobek sobek , ini malah tasnya. Ceritanya rombeng sok cool.


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