Saturday, September 27, 2014

Garden Tulln

Kring kring from Die Garten Tulln.
Hi, everyone.
Today I take you to Die Garten Tulln, a beautiful garden in Tulln, Lower Austria. It was beautiful day  (and hot) when I and my husband strolled around from garden to another garden. Each garden has different style or theme but all of them are very nice for photoshoot spot. There are shabby chic, mediteranean, asian, vegetable garden, minimalist style, etc. My favorites are the dahlia and roses garden. The massive big flowers and colors are spectacular, we were just at the right time. Unfortunately I couldn't find cactus garden except a small corner in a glass room. I would love it if there was.

What I wore that day:

  • Linen jacket: LOGG by H&M
  • Long arm Tee with crochet details: I forget the brand. Old piece of mine I bought in Indonesia.
  • Jeans: CCS Legay Flex, a quick secondhand snap at Pfenniq Bazaar in Stuttgart (€5 for whatever clothes you can fully stuff into a paper bag)
  • Hat: Triset (bought in Indonesia)
  • Sneakers: ASICS
  • Sunglasses and camera pouch: Claire's. I bought at the mall but Claire's has online shop with international delivery here. They have cute and affordable accessories. Things I bought from it are happened to be my fave and I wear very often (this is not ad or affiliate). 
  • Backpack: Kipling


  • Die Garten Tulln opens every year from April until early October but you may want to have a chance to attend a garden exhibition (Gartenbaumesse) at one go. If you purchase entry ticket Die Garten Tulln you can use it as entry to the exhibition too, the exhibition only take few days so you need to check the schedule if you like to see. I know my post is too late :) but who knows you would like to go there someday in the future. For more information this is the official site: and events/exhibition in Tulln.
  • In front of the entry gate you can rent a canoe and rowing around the river.
  • Die Garten Tulln is not far from the town center. You can wandering around trough the nature path, or rent a bike (great place for biking), or take a free mini tourist train. There are nature swimming pool, shops, caffes, delicious ice creams, beautiful park along the huge river, a restaurant in a ship, stage, and Egon Schiele museum. 
Act like a Bond
Relaxing on a bean bag or having foot reflexion massage walking in the water

Among roses.
Aming dahlias.

In front of tall sunflowers.

Garden and its tower.
Stepping up the tower and then looking down.

This retro camper is cranky. She doesn't want to move nor let me in. 

Garden walls

A little glass house.
Pumpkin soup and Apfelstrudel ( a must taste if you visit Austria)
Childhood flame. I know...I'm 30s I know.
I don't need SPF under this sombrero. I borrowed it in exhibition area.
My great great great grand family (this is in the exhibition area)
Beside beautiful garden you can also take a high step up to the top of tower and look down and around (or use the lift).

There is also a restaurant facing a pool with its fountain attraction. It seems like the vegetables are picked from its own garden. my husband ordered Apfelstrudel (a must taste if you are in Austria). Unfortunately I only tried the pumpkin soup because I didn't feel well enough to eat more. I had suffered nausea since the night before, vomitted over and over again after I ate ginger chocolate followed by roiboos tea straight afterwards. I don't know what was wrong. 

Lately I have attended some exhibitions, shows, movies and other events but my outfits and photos were unfortunate hahaha, not sure if I should share you too many flop fashion stories or crappy pictures :-), I am afraid you will leave worse than uninspired. Well, let see. I hope you all have fortunate events anyway! Tchuss!


  1. You look really cool in your outfit and it looks like you had a fun time :)

    Thank you for your pleasant comment on my blog. Now I checked your blog with the result: I like it!

    I would like to follow you on gfc and/or bloglovin. It would be great if you come back to my blog to follow me – then I will follow you immediately back.

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

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    1. Thank you so much. I did have a fun time and I have been following your blog too :) xx


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