Monday, May 19, 2014

Trial/Review & Looks: Red Chiffon Shirt from PersunMall

Two looks with Red Chiffon Shirt from (free trial).
I laugh my self because of ridic feeling when trying to pose. I actually wanted to show you how the outfits look like when I move. :-)
Unpack Red Chiffon Shirt from

Hi, hi, hi...
Today I want to share a trial/review and styling of this red chiffon shirt. I won it as a free trial from Of course I am happy especially because I've been thinking about adding shirts or blouses in my wardrobe. Tops which look more mature, can be worn for more formal event or party, with fabrics that fall nicely, and long enough to cover my bottom part (one of solutions to my problem: underwear mark when wearing pants without back pockets or legging).

The Trial/Review
In the second photo you can see my unpacking. The package came in a zip lock plastic packaging. They e-mailed me the tracking number after they sent it and the item arrived without damage.

The fabric seems and feels very nice, 100% cotton. It's a little bit sheer so I wore a vest underneath. This shirt feels light, cool and airy, nice loose-fitting for me. The stitches are neat. It has lap concealed red buttons, cute little metallic buttons on the wrists and front fake pockets. It also features curl up sleeve hooks. I would like the pockets to be real functional pockets. More about the look you can see in the photos above.

As reference I have small upper and have gained weight around my hips so I think I tend to have a more pear figure. I am 152 tall and the shirt size S. The sleeves are too long for me but I like them that way.

I like the look and  the feeling when I wore it. Similar to satin or fine lace, chiffon fabric is delicate so I would wear it for occasions without involving walking trough woods or bushes. I would also only wash it by hand. It's light to hand wash it anyway. The color bleeds but I do love the red color of this shirt! I let it soaked in diluted vinegar hoping too lock the color not to bleed anymore..

The Look Styling
For this chance I styled the red chiffon shirt two ways with the same color palette. Unfortunately I haven't had chance to do the pictures outside, so maybe next time when I wear it again, maybe with another styling. I would make another outfit post with this shirt. Here are the looks recipee.

For the first look:
  • Red chiffon shirt from (they have various items), item link Rivet Details Chiffon Shirt in Red here
  • Metallic bodycon skirt: NewYorker,
  • Black lace up booties, black tights, black bag with buckle, and charm earrings of Eiffel Tower! Label Accessories, I bought at EUROSPAR supermarket.
  • Pink lips, instead of red matchy matchy one, and swipe-a-side hair (I don't know how to call it).

As for second look:
  • Red chiffon shirt from (they have various items), item link Rivet Details Chiffon Shirt in Red here
  • Black vest
  • Shiny black legging-pants from C&A (old)
  • Thrifted black sling back shoes label Ashby, black socks
  • Swarovsky necklace
  • Thrifted Pop Art Giant Black Paint Tube bag! It can be worn as backpack too.
  • Pony tail
  • No nail polish because my nails need a "break" before they're broken!
If you have experiences with similar item, opinions or tips feel free to comment and thank you in advance. :-)  I wish you all a super inspiring day.


  1. I love the red shirt! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog...xx


    1. I love it too. Thanks to you, Teresa :)


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