Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Velvet Jacquard Jacket

Photo by Mike K

Hi, everyone.
It's been a while. Here I am, trying to blog again. :)

First, I want to say Happy Eid Mubarak to all of you who celebrate it. I wish you joy and peace.

Last month I spent a week in Stuttgart for family reunion. Lucky woman I am, because I have two sisters (plus my mom) with sustainable wardrobe thought which means I went to Stuttgart with empty trolley and came back to Austria with full load of secondhand clothes (grin) (grin).

This jacket was one of those I brought home. I wore it when I attended the opening show of Impulstanz Vienna International Dance Festival  (if you are interested, it's still running until August 17th and click here for info).

Photo by Mike K and Nataya A
Cotton velvet jacquard A line jacket
The Event
This jacket gives my casual tee-plus-jeans outfit a more dressy look. The Impulstanz Vienna International Dance Festival show I attended has no formal dress code though, and the dance was contemporary. It even had setting of the stage covered with all kind of clothes all over the place. The show took place in Volkstheater, Vienna. The building was built in1889. I think the floral relief pattern matched the building ornaments, don't you think? Below I pasted pic of me on the Volkstheater interior photos to illustrate what I meant because I didn't take selfie there. Hehehe.

Photo by Nataya A & Mike K
Jacket pattern and interior ornaments

The Weather
It was hot and we arrived at Vienna about an hour before the show. However I felt comfortable with my jacket put on as when we walked around Volkstheater and Museumsquartier it was windy. After I went into the Volkstheater,'s too hot. A lot of people swing their hand fan. I finally gave up my jacket and exposed my casual tee. It's an outwear anyway.

The Fabric
It looks like the jacket is made of cotton velvet jacquard fabric, although I'm not 100% sure because there is no tag. Tell me if I'm wrong. Without inner lining, it feels rough against the skin but it's still comfortable and absorbs sweat.

As you can see in the picture above the floral pattern quite matches the ornament of the building interior. I don't know if the color would bleed when I wash as I haven't done it, but I am afraid so. I also wouldn't wear it too often too long under the strong sun again because the color seems to fade or become dull easily. Again, just like my red chiffon shirt and cords pants, I would have to hand wash it alone and lock the bleeding with vinegar soak or use color absorber sheet.

The Silhouette
Maybe it is designed to be a crop jacket, with A line baby doll shape. It's size 10/ EUR S/USA S. My sis is taller than me. On me this jacket ends at the start point of my hip curve. I think it emphasizes my pear figure but somehow, I like it like that. I saw on a magazine, the same type of jacket on a woman with a long torso, the hem of the jacket ends higher so it looks like a bit hanging and exposes more of the waist-to-hip curve. It looks good that way. I could alter the length of my jacket but if I do, I should alter the pockets and the sleeves too otherwise it will not look nice.  By the way, the type of my jeans takes part in determining the whole silhouette too.

The Outfit

Velvet jacket: label Marchie, bought in Indonesia (was my sister's).
Jeans: Nevada Jeans, my old one (one of my three favorites), I bought in Matahari Dept. Store in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Lace up booties: label unknown, thrifted around my town.
Black leather bagRomwe.
Polar sunglassesJacque Lemans.

Photo by Mike K and Nataya A

Photo by Mike K

That's all for now. I wish you have a super inspiring day. Ciao ciao.

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