Sunday, August 17, 2014

Skin by Finsk Cut Out Boots

Skin By Finsk leather cut-out boots
Hi, everyone,
About 3 months ago I won a giveaway in Fashiolista. I got these cool cut out booties from Skin By Finsk. My blog was in hiatus but I did take photos when it arrived. Yes. lately I take pictures everytime there is new item in my wardrobe as document or to use it for review, or organizing. Hope it's not too old to share. The booties are still available in the store here.

Skin By Finsk is a London-based footwear brand by talented Finnish shoe designer Julia Lundsten. If you like modern, minimalist, or urban, architecture inspired design then I think you would like their designs. They are unique and would be a strong statement in a look. I read that each shoe is carefully constructed using the highest quality, locally-sourced materials. If you are interested, why don't you check it out here. I have no affiliate program with them and I am not paid to blog it. I just found it interesting (that's why I entered the giveaway) and I'm happy to have these booties.

When they arrived the packaging was pretty neat. Is that a thing? A well thought packaging makes a professional and precious impression, doesn't it?
They came in double boxes. Inside the corrugated box there was the shoe box wrapped in a piece of black paper and sticker and inside the shoe box they wrapped again the shoes with white paper. A cotton shoe pouch is included. The shoes were in shape and good condition. No scratch on the patent leather at all.

First impression
It was just I've never had boots like these, modern minimalist style with a bold statement. Leather upper and lining with cut on the sides. Do you notice the green ridge soles? I love the pointy toes and the contrast of black leather and the patent finish. It would be suitable for party, evening or semi formal event too. 

I've never rolled my socks like this since in the 90's :-)

I haven't worn them as often as I would like to, because I haven't been used to them yet, so I didn't bring them in my travel and not sure to wear them in a long stroll. The last few weeks the weather seems to be confusing too and I don't want to wear them in the rain although they are probably durable enough.

These cut out booties are comfortable, though at first the leather and the cut feel stiff. The size is half size too big, because 36.5 are not available and I get 37 instead but I can make it more snug with socks (I think I'm going to find a nude color thick socks).

They have stud fastening straps. It keeps the look clean and simple but I am not used to it so at first it was difficult to pull the strap out and hook the hole on the stud again but I'm getting expert.

The ridged EVA soles make walking with the shoes more comfortable, not slippery, less tik tak sound, which I like. Unfortunately, walking on rough parking space in front of our home, little gravels kept stuck on the heel soles and made holes. Next time, with this type of heel sole and patent leather, I would wear them only on a less rough surface and avoid those tiny stones. I don't want the patent leather scratched either.

I like the loop on the back. I have this thought to maybe hang something on it like tassel or tie a piece of scarf trough it. I hope I don't mess the already cool design if I do that though.

How would you style boots like these? I would like to experiment with different looks. Perhaps a cool modern minimalist style or playing around mixing with another styles, vintage elements, or various textures in the ensembles. Let see how the weather is too. Despite the rain, wether it's cold or not, I would need socks. I know...I could experiment to pair them with various socks.

Thanks for reading. I wish you a super inspiring day :)

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  1. I absolutely LOVE those boots! I've been loving cut out boots for every single season and these are no exception! love the green bottom too(:
    Hope you can stop by soon(:

    xx Shirley

    1. Thank you, Shirley. I've seen a lot of cut out boots around and I 'm like, want those! And here I got my first pair. Great you like them. The green soles make a strong statement. Other Skin By Finsk designs are interesting too. Visit you soon. :)


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