Monday, August 25, 2014

7 Ways to Wear Scarf

7 ways to wear scarf.

Few days ago I have a little experiment with my Levi's long cotton scarf (186 cm x 65 cm). I would like to find some alternatives to cover my arms in the summer to slightly protect  my skin from the sun and chilly breezy wind.

Scarf 1
Scarf 1. I put the scarf over my shoulder and secured it around my waist with a belt. Then I threw the other edge over my other shoulder and slipped it trough the belt and/or belt loop of my pants.  A brooch would be pretty to secure it.

Scarf 2 & 3
Scarf 2 is the basic start of scarf 1 and 3. See the top left pic above. I like to let it fall down long at front and cover my belly.

Scarf 3 is basically the same way as Scarf 1 but I turned the back side around as the front side. In the winter with a warmer scarf I can use the front fold as a muff or like a hoodie jumper pocket to keep my hands warm. For a moment I thought I would just leave the back opened but maybe I need to pin it if I can't keep it staying put on my shoulders.

Scarf 4 & 5
Scarf 4 is the start of scarf 6. See top left pic above. I just wrapped the scarf around my neck twice and the hanging part covered my chest and belly like a halter vest.

Scarf 5. From the scarf 4 I continue the steps by pulling the two "wings" over my shoulders and arms. In this style I love that my neck is also covered but I am afraid that it would kill me if I let it pulled from left and right. Am I paranoid? I often wear my scarf pretty much like that though. Anyway, a brooch would keep it safe. The back side somehow looks like a ladybug costume  :-).

Scarf 6
Scarf 6 is also easy but easy to slip off my shoulders as well. I didn't find it difficult to knot the scarf around my both wrists.

Scarf 7
Scarf 7. I hope you could figure out your self how I did the wrap by seeing the pictures. I have difficulty to explain it in words and actually, there are no exact rules. :) To me this one looks like some traditional outfits in Asia. It only covers one shoulder but I like the result, though I don't like that my bloating stomach looks obvious as I have flat chest too (maybe it would be cute as maternity outfit). 

Floral Scarf: Levi's (cotton, 186 cm x 65 cm)
Jeans: vintage
Shoes: Michelino (bought and made in Indonesia)

That's a wrap for now. i hope seven ways are not too much. I wear scarf very often. I would love to experiment more with it. Thanks for reading and I wish you a super inspiring day. Tschuss!

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