Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Smock and Culottes


This is not to a current outfit but it's today appropriate because it still warm here for a day or two. I wore oversized sabrina chiffon top with ruffle and smock details, oversized culottes, cheap black slippers which are very comfortable and my fave bag. I am happy with the volume, proportion and silhouette of the whole ensemble.

The top may be used in off shoulder sabrina neck line style. It is sheer so I wore a vest underneath. I altered the waist band of the culottes by moving the closure button so it makes a wider front flap as a result. The culottes has a heavy and thick denim cotton fabric which feels warm actually. 

When I went out to supermarket, I used my backpack instead of the shoulder bag and still I made a bit mess with my grocery. What so called an outfit picture boooo. :-)

Sheer top with sabrina neckline, ruffle and smock details, labels: chiffon, label unknown.
Culottes: cotton with satin details, label unknown (thrifted in  Jogja, my hometown)
Shoulder bag: leather, Romwe.
Slippers: synthetic leather, Syndicate store (old purchase).
Backpack: Kipling

Wish you all have a super inspiring day wherever you are and whatever you do. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Outfit: Shabby Garden

Halo, everyone. This is my outfit few days ago. All about light, airy, floral pattern mix and rough texture for summer day with breeze. If you google "shabby chic garden", this look is pretty much like it, but if you google "shabby chic outfit", it's not quite alike :-). Every garment I wear in this look is comfortable, laid back yet totally functional. My imaginary mood board brings my self back to Dries Van Noten and Anna Sui collection mixed with classic expedition, adventure, treasure hunter movie like The Indiana Jones. I always love this kind of style. Though when sometimes I think I am bored with it, every time I am browsing or window shopping or thrifting I'm always attracted to pieces in this style.

I bought the canvas bag in flea market for 1 Euro, I forget where it was. The hem is frayed, it even features a cigarette hole that it looks somehow "ugly" cool and strengthens the theme.

The sneakers were given by my sisters. They belonged to her. The color is already dull uneven that they look worn out but cool too. Somehow! Anyway, the soles and inner part are in a very good condition.

At another time I pair the same outfit with different shoes which were a pair of sling-back kitten heels I bought in annual charity market in our small town. I think they made my look looks heavier on top.

I would like my tunic smaller and my pants more tapered and have shorter legs so the look would be less floppy but I've count on my confidence hehehe. My tunic is indeed oversize, not made to be oversize, as well as the pants, except that they fit on the waist and upper hips.The pants' fabric is easily wrinkled, but would be smoother after few minutes wearing (minus the sitting marks). 

Tomorrow would be the first day of the apartment's heating to start on. It's getting colder because lately, one hot summer day followed by bad weather days in a row afterwards. This outfit has been thrown in the laundry and I would need my jacket all the time. How is it in your country? I wish you a nice weather and a super inspiring day!

Outfit mix: 

Floral tunic: light cotton, bought in Thailand.I don't remember where and how much. Maybe in a night local market in Chiang Mai. 
Floral scarf: light cotton, Levi's.
Pants: Lyocell, Mango. By the way, do you know Mango has outlet online shop? Awesome price!
Bag: canvas, fake leather look fabric, unbranded, fleamarket, €1
Sneakers: suede, Timberland
Sling-back kitten heels in tan: leather, 5th Avenue, charity market, €1 

Monday, August 25, 2014

7 Ways to Wear Scarf

7 ways to wear scarf.

Few days ago I have a little experiment with my Levi's long cotton scarf (186 cm x 65 cm). I would like to find some alternatives to cover my arms in the summer to slightly protect  my skin from the sun and chilly breezy wind.

Scarf 1
Scarf 1. I put the scarf over my shoulder and secured it around my waist with a belt. Then I threw the other edge over my other shoulder and slipped it trough the belt and/or belt loop of my pants.  A brooch would be pretty to secure it.

Scarf 2 & 3
Scarf 2 is the basic start of scarf 1 and 3. See the top left pic above. I like to let it fall down long at front and cover my belly.

Scarf 3 is basically the same way as Scarf 1 but I turned the back side around as the front side. In the winter with a warmer scarf I can use the front fold as a muff or like a hoodie jumper pocket to keep my hands warm. For a moment I thought I would just leave the back opened but maybe I need to pin it if I can't keep it staying put on my shoulders.

Scarf 4 & 5
Scarf 4 is the start of scarf 6. See top left pic above. I just wrapped the scarf around my neck twice and the hanging part covered my chest and belly like a halter vest.

Scarf 5. From the scarf 4 I continue the steps by pulling the two "wings" over my shoulders and arms. In this style I love that my neck is also covered but I am afraid that it would kill me if I let it pulled from left and right. Am I paranoid? I often wear my scarf pretty much like that though. Anyway, a brooch would keep it safe. The back side somehow looks like a ladybug costume  :-).

Scarf 6
Scarf 6 is also easy but easy to slip off my shoulders as well. I didn't find it difficult to knot the scarf around my both wrists.

Scarf 7
Scarf 7. I hope you could figure out your self how I did the wrap by seeing the pictures. I have difficulty to explain it in words and actually, there are no exact rules. :) To me this one looks like some traditional outfits in Asia. It only covers one shoulder but I like the result, though I don't like that my bloating stomach looks obvious as I have flat chest too (maybe it would be cute as maternity outfit). 

Floral Scarf: Levi's (cotton, 186 cm x 65 cm)
Jeans: vintage
Shoes: Michelino (bought and made in Indonesia)

That's a wrap for now. i hope seven ways are not too much. I wear scarf very often. I would love to experiment more with it. Thanks for reading and I wish you a super inspiring day. Tschuss!


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